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Which Polar Heart Monitor is right for you?

Polar ft4

With your fitness regime seriously a heart monitor is an excellent bit of technology and you need to you should think about one. There are many heart monitors available so it can be hard selecting the best one but one company, Polar, focus on them and with over 30 years' experience in the marketplace they produce some of the best monitors in the marketplace.

There exists a Polar heart rate monitor to accommodate any budget or activity and as you read through will check out 5 of their hottest timepiece styled devices, each with its own improvements.

Polar ft4

An excellent HR Monitor for newbies, with basic functions including pulse rate and calories burned. Additionally, it carries a Target Zone feature, which lets you know in case you are inside the fat reducing zone.

Polar ft7

A great HR Monitor and sports watch. The Polar ft7 includes the brilliant Energy Pointer option which lets you see whether your being active is either increasing your level of fitness or burning fat.

Polar ft60

Created for the harder serious exerciser, this monitor includes the integrated STAR Training Course. You could make an exercise program dependant on the results you want and will also adjust the program week by week.

Polar rs300x

Yet another excellent all rounder, the Polar rs300x includes the Polar Fitness test, that can assess your resting aerobic fitness and definately will then monitor how you are progressing and adjust itself accordingly.

Polar rs100

An execllent HR Monitor for regular training and use. The Polar rs100 has the standard heart rate and monitoring features and also includes Own Zone which adjusts your training based on heartbeat and ensures your exercise routine is giving the greatest results.

Polar ft4

Of course many of these h / r monitors include fat burning capacity monitor, hrm, great sensor technology and what you may would anticipate to be part of a quality product.

Whether you are a specialist athlete, a recreational runner or are just starting your new fitness program, you will have a Polar heart rate monitor which suits your needs perfectly - and with such a great product range they also serve every budget.

Whichever Polar heart monitor you choose you can be certain it's going to be invaluable in planning, tracking and in addition enjoying your exercise regime!


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